About Us

The 12th annual German American Conference will be held this year over Zoom. The conference will delve into the most pressing issues in the transatlantic relationship and take the pulse of this critical partnership. Last year with more than eighty renowned speakers and over eight hundred participants from many countries and prestigious universities, the German American Conference has become the largest student-led conference of its kind in the United States. The Conference brings together American and German leaders from business, politics, and academia with motivated students. Participants from diverse backgrounds ask the tough questions, learn from each other, and engage in a dynamic discussion of the most important transatlantic issues today. They will leave the conference with an expanded network and concrete ideas on how to tackle some of today’s toughest challenges. By building a community of aspiring and established leaders in the U.S. and Germany, the Conference has become a moving force in bettering transatlantic relations.

Attend and be inspired!