Different Ways Out of the Crisis – Concepts in Labor Market Policy Across the Atlantic

Keynote by Hubertus Heil, hosted by Dr. Elisabeth Reynolds

Thursday November 5th 10:00 AM EST (Boston) / 4:00 PM CET (Berlin)

Watch the event recording here

On 5 November 2020, German Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Hubertus Heil will give a virtual keynote on policy approaches and concepts in labor market policy used by different countries and on a multilateral level as we all navigate the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a historic challenge for countries all over the world. In addition to the necessary health measures, economic and labor market disruptions, rising unemployment, shrinking demand for goods and services and solutions for working from home have appeared on the agenda on both sides of the Atlantic. However, the labor market policies adopted to support both employers and employees varied substantially on a national level. Countries have made different choices to protect existing jobs and the efficacy of these policy interventions will only become apparent in the near future.

Apart from national policies and in light of the global challenges resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, a renewed effort for common action worldwide and for more coherence in the multilateral system is on the agenda. What could be solutions to succeed in addressing the biggest economic, social and environmental challenges of our time?  

Join Minister Heil’s keynote and a moderated discussion with Dr. Elisabeth Reynolds on different concepts in labor market policy across the Atlantic and how national preconditions impact the approached way out of the crisis.


Hubertus Heil

German Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs

Hubertus Heil has been Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs in the fourth Merkel cabinet since 2018. The studied political scientist is committed to facilitating the chance of a self-determined life for everyone and thus providing safety and security in times of change. Since December 2019, Hubertus Heil has been Deputy Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), of which he has been a member since 1988. As a member of the SPD, he served as Secretary-General between 2005 and 2009 and between June and December 2017. From 1995 to 1997, he was the Executive Director of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Arbeitnehmerfragen, the workers’ wing of the party.

Dr. Elisabeth Reynolds

Executive Director of the MIT Taskforce on the Work of the Future

Dr. Elisabeth Reynolds is the executive director of the MIT Industrial Performance Center and a lecturer in MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Dr. Reynolds works on issues related to systems of innovation, regional economic development and industrial competitiveness. She is a member of the Massachusetts Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative as well as the Northeast Clean Energy Council. Her current research focuses on the pathways that US entrepreneurial firms take in scaling production-related technologies, as well as advanced manufacturing, including the globalization of the biomanufacturing industry. Before coming to MIT for her PhD, Reynolds was the director of the City Advisory Practice at the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC), a non-profit founded by Professor Michael Porter, focused on job and business growth in urban areas. Dr. Reynolds has an AB from Harvard in government and was a Fiske Scholar at Trinity College, Cambridge. She holds an MSc from the University of Montreal in economics and a PhD from MIT in urban and regional studies.